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1pcs Steel Caviar Maker Molecular Gourmet Cooking Tools Equipment Holes 100 Decoration Kitchen Gadgets Kitchen To I7A0


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Convenient-The caviar maker kit is the ideal way to produce large amounts of spherical caviar pearls in a short period of time.
Removable and easy to clean-the caviar box ball kit can be completely removed. Its quick-open system allows you to clean your pipette efficiently and avoid problems with other similar tools.
Durable and superior quality-Molecular Gourmet tools are made entirely of durable polycarbonate and silicone, which can last for years without fading or discoloring.
Easy Kitchen Science-Spherification Dripper is the perfect and fun tool for restaurants and home kitchens. You can taste a variety of popular popa balls, which are popular with children and adults.
Versatile-Ideal for making sunflower seeds, honey caviar, any kind of fruit caviar, fried caviar caviar, dessert caviar or strong caviar, it can also add desserts and beverages, such as frozen yogurt , Ice cream, Taiwan snow ice, shaved ice, cocktails, and even salads! Let us turn all your food into caviar luxury!

Installation method of caviar making kit

1- Slide the flexible tube onto the base of the caviar making tool.
2- Add the required caviar mixture to the caviar maker tray. There must be at least 75 ml in the tray to avoid breaking the vacuum during aspiration.
3- Place the top of the caviar maker on the tray with the caviar mixture. Now dip the 96-well tip into the caviar mixture.
4- Withdraw the syringe plunger to 5cc. Leave space at the end of the dosing cycle for extra push.
5- Connect the tube to the syringe.
Every 20 ml mark draws a 20 ml syringe plunger onto the syringe barrel in a slow and steady motion.
Lift the caviar maker 7 and place it about 3 inches on the calcium bath. Slowly push the plunger of the syringe from 20 ml to 0 ml.
After 8-minutes, remove the caviar balls from the calcium bath, rinse in a clean water bath and eat immediately.

Clean caviar machine
1- Remove the syringe, fill it with air, connect it to the hose, then pump the air into the caviar machine to drain any liquid from the left.
2Remove the hose and syringe from the caviar manufacturer.
3- Invert the caviar maker and rinse the pipette with warm water.
4- Keep under running water until the caviar making box is almost full of water.
5 Cover the hose connector with your fingers, then point the pipette down and shake the caviar box vigorously to the side.
6-Remove your finger from the hose connector and let all water flow out of the hose connector.
7- Repeat steps 3 to 6 several times until the caviar box is completely clean.
8 Rinse the box with an antibacterial solution (such as white vinegar or a 3% hydrogen oxide solution). You can use a syringe to inject the antibacterial solution into the caviar box. Rinse with water.

Material: acrylic resin
How many holes are there: 100
Applies to: Whether the molecular kitchen
Removable: removable

Caviar box size: 5.55 inches x 3.94 inches / 14.103 cm x 9.996 cm eyelet
Diameter: 0.35 mm
Caviar spoon length: 6.64 inches / 16.862 cm
Tube Length: 8.51 inches / 21.622

The package includes:
1 caviar generator
1 colander

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